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eBooks with DRM

eBooks sold by Record Research are copy-protected and must be downloaded and read using Adobe Digital Editions or software that is compatible with Adobe DRM. These books have the following restrictions to prevent the content from being posted or shared:

  • The provided link may be used on 6 different devices at different times. This link is accessible from the original email.
  • Access may be restricted to use by a single consumer with authentication through an Adobe ID.
  • The downloaded file may not be transferred to a different device.
  • The eBook may not be shared with another user.
  • The eBook file may not be copied.

For more information on Adobe Digital Editions and DRM compatibility, follow these links:

iPad and iPhone Users

To read an ePub or PDF on an iOS device (e.g. iPhone, iPad) you must download the Bluefire Reader app.

Nook Users

Nook users will be able to open DRM protected files directly onto their Nook device.

Kindle Users

Kindle users will not be able to read files with DRM on a Kindle device.

For more information on eReader software, read our section on eReader Software Guide or MobileRead Wiki's eBook Software List.